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We are looking for material suppliers to help us design and test our white label webshop for the material industry.

Every material supplier should have their own webshop

Most material suppliers do not have the know-how or the funds to create their own personalized webshop. With Matmatch's white label solution, suppliers can easily integrate their own branded webshop on their website.

Make it easier for your customers to buy from you

Receive more spot orders from existing customers by making it as easy as possible for them to buy from you through a webshop.

The Matmatch Webshop

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Become a pilot partner

We are currently designing and developing a white label solution that allows material suppliers to easily integrate a webshop on their website.

In order to guarantee that our solution will be a success we have set up a partner program for material suppliers to help us in the design and testing of the webshop.

Pilot Partners


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What do I get?

We build a webshop for your company that will sell your products on your website using your branding. 



What do I do?

You help us create the right webshop for your company. We can only be successful with your feedback and insights from your marketing data.


What does it cost?

You pay us a small commission for the materials that are sold through the webshop. We do not charge any set up costs.

Why partner with Matmatch?

We are digital experts with material knowledge. 
You bring the knowledge of how your company works and what your customers need.
Together we can make the ultimate webshop for the materials industry.